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Helping In His Name Ministries, Inc.
85 Bellamy Place, Suite A
Stockbridge, GA 30281 

email: helpinginhisname@bellsouth.net 

Phone" 678-565-6135   

Video about Pantry
SCBN Channel 15 Cable Dec 2012
About Canning Hunger
"Can Hunger" 
"Hunger is Real !!   -  Hunger is Painful !!
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Nola I Love  - Honored by Henry County - February 1st 2014
by Henry County Chamber of Commerce 
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Message from - Nola I Love - CEO
 No mother or father in America should ever
hear the words, "Mommy, Daddy, I'm Hungry"
No parent should have to respond, " Honey, I'm
sorry. There is no food or money".
Yet every night in America, children and grown-ups are
going to bed hungry. Many families are struggling to put
food on their tables.
Twenty -Two years ago, Helping In His Name was birthed to
wage war against Hunger. We have modeled the love
and compassion of Jesus by providing food and
encouragement to those in need.
There have been many challenges, but we continue to
provide free food for 1,000 - 1,170 families per month.
Every family needs food and shelter, yet many are
losing their homes and apartments because of
job loss. This insecurity along with the lack of food and money
 to provide for their families is hard to
endure on a daily basis.
I was one of eleven children, however, I never experienced
a day of hunger. At the end of WW11, I remember
having meals of rice and milk or cornbread with
milk or beans, but never were the pains of hunger felt
by any of us.
Our vision to conquer hunger and stop the pain will
become a reality with your help. We can't
do this alone. We desperately need your help and support.
Become a "Proverbs 19:17 Donor."  The Lord repays with
daily benefits.
 May God Bless and Keep Your Table
Blessed with Food.

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